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Sorry to hear that happened to you. Just goes to show you can't be too careful about using credit / ATM cards. I had an instance once where I tried to use my debit card, but it kept getting declined. Turns out that someone compromised the system at a place I had used it, and tried to use the number. Luckily, my bank suspected that was a fraudulent charge, and froze the card right away, which is why it kept getting declined. I called my bank, who transferred me to the fraud division, and I confirmed that the charge in question was not made by me. They cancelled the card, then issued a new one.

I check my account online regularly for that very reason, but in this particular instance, the bank caught it before I did, so I didn't see that fraudulent charge.

I always try to go to a branch ATM when I need cash, and also try to go to one that's inside a vestibule, as opposed to a drive up ATM, which is pretty common where I live (Princeton, NJ). My reasoning being, that ATMs in vestibules are more harder to get at than drive up ATMs, in that you need a credit / debit card to access it, while drive up ATMs are just out there for anyone to access at any time.
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