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Default Fuel supplement
I cannot see why the cruiselines will not bring back the fuel supplement charge. The direction that fuel is headed for a record in history does'nt help matters. They say $5.00 a gallon by memorial day. And diesel cost WAY more than regular gas.. I just believe they have to do this to offset the rise of cost.. My personel feelings are that like a plane ticket you are locked in at that price,nothing can be added after you pay the amount due Now if you owe a balance then I can see that you can be issued a charge.. We have already paid off our cruise for november and have already bought the plane tickets to miami (under $200.00 a person for airline tix) because I am worried that Airlines tickets are getting really ready to blow up.. But since my cruise fare is paid off. I think you should be locked in.. It will really suck if oneday I log in to and see that I now owe $140.00 again because they brought back the charge when I had a $0.00 balance..

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