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We are used to being able to pick up the abbreviated NY Times Newsheet on all cruises. Royal Caribbean has discontinued that completely, and their suggestion for news coverage at guest services was to use the internet. The daily activity newsletter was inferior to that of Celebrity and Princess (not that either of those would win a journalism award) in that no information on the ports, geography, population, culture, or the like, is provided.

Sorry, it was a little difficult to discern from the above statement that you were TOLD they discontinued or you assumed, they discontinued it because it wasn't at the front desk and they said look at it on the internet. That is why I made the suggestion that maybe you didn't know it might be in the library.

It isn't my assessment that Princess is a Premium line. The cruise industry places Princess as a premium line. That's a fact. Price isn't the only factor.

I agree berries and avacodos is a taste preference. But you were asking for something that isn't a standard on the nightly menu. I simply was suggesting you could have let the cruise line know 2-3 weeks ahead of time to avoid disappointment. You clearly were disappointed. You were disappointed enough to list it as a negative of your cruise.

Sorry you feel my response was defensive of the cruise line. It was not. I am not bias to any one cruise line. I respond to any post with unbiased factual information with the intent to educate people about cruising.