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Default First time Australians- Hawaiian Cruise
Hello all!
First time poster here, soon to be a first time cruiser too!

My husband and I have been saving up since our wedding (almost a year ago!) for a honey moon. We would really like to do a Hawaiian cruise (I would love to see Peal Harbour in particular) and were looking for recommendations..

We live in Rural South Australia so would need to take at least two flights to get to Sydney or where ever the cruise departs from.

We have only been on the one overseas trip (to Fiji) so are still fairly new to all this!!

We saw the 7 day Hawaii cruise on the Pride of America which seemed pretty good (and relatively cheap) but after having a nosey around this sight, maybe it is not the best??

What cruise would you recommend to us?

Would we be better flying over, cruise, fly home? Or Cruise from Australia to Hawaii and fly home? Or... ??

When you pay for a cruise is everything included? ALL food? Including Snacks?
What about things like massages, drinks, room service, movies etc?

Also thought about before or after the cruise, flying to New York (or somewhere) as have always wanted to go and since we were so close it might be worth it?

Thanks SO much in advance, We have NO idea about any of this!!!
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