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Welcome to As others have mentioned, there are few choices of cruises from Australia. There may be some companies that operate cruises closer to you, yet I am not aware of them. So, I will address your other questions.

When you pay for a cruise is everything included? ALL food? Including Snacks?
What about things like massages, drinks, room service, movies etc?
Food in the main dining room and snacks are included. However, most ships have a second restaurant, that you may hear referred to as a specialty restaurant, that charges an additional fee, usually between US$15-$30 per person. Massages (or any spa treatment) and drinks are not included. Room service is often included, yet a gratuity of a few US$ is expected. As for movies, you won't have to pay for those scheduled on your cabin TV, but you will, in most cases, pay for any movies you rent from the library or other area that rents movies.

Also thought about before or after the cruise, flying to New York (or somewhere) as have always wanted to go and since we were so close it might be worth it?
New York is quite a distance from the west coast of the U.S.--generally a six-hour plane ride if you are able to get a non-stop flight. If your travels take you to the western U.S., I suggest San Francisco as a more reasonable alternative if time is an issue.
Happy cruising!
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