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Default Concerned
Ok guys, help me out here, I went to Cruise Critics and read some reviews on the Allure ship and wow so many negative reviews, what gives?

They are saying the Windjammer is way to small for the size of the ship no matter what time you go you may not be able to get in there, they are saying the cabins are smaller than other cruise lines, the service on the Allure is questionable, the alcohol drinks are watered down and the Chicago show was slow and boring.
It is just not worth the money that it cost to cruise on this ship, so many reviews have stated this.

I did read that embarkation was great. I guess I need to know from you guys here exactly what you felt about this ship. Please be brutally honest for I am taking some first time cruisers with me and I have raved about RCCL and this ship ( even though I have not been on it ). Thanks, help me.....
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