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Spirit, I know that for every bad review written, there are 50 people who had a great time but didn't come back and write a review. I've heard people say their whole cruise was terrible because their coffee was cold at dinner one night. Please take these reviews with a grain of salt. Are they comparing Allure with ships that cost four times as much? You don't know where they're coming from with the reviews. You're smart to come here to check it out.

I sailed the Allure and had a fantastic time. It stands out as one of the best and the most fun cruises I've been on. I've never experienced not being able to get into the Windjammer on any Royal Caribbean ship. Yes, it gets crowded, but there are always seats, and waiters who can help you find seats if necessary. There are about 24 different places to eat on the Allure, about half of which are included in the price of your cruise, so it would be hard having trouble finding a place to eat. I found the service to be fine. If you know a few "tricks," such as reserving shows in advance online, it makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Speaking of which, Allure's entertainment was the best I've ever seen on any Royal Caribbean ship, and better than many other cruise line's ships as well. You will not be disappointed.

I would not hesitate to sail the Allure again, and would rather sail Allure or Oasis over many other ships.
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