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The cabins on Allure and Oasis are the same size as comparable category cabins on the other RCI ships, except for their two oldest ships (Monarch and Majesty) which have tiny standard cabins. Some people like to dwell on a few square feet difference, but is it really that important? Is having a standard outside cabin with 185 square feet (the Carnival standard) that much different than having one with 179 square feet on the Allure?

I've often wondered what the people who claim drinks are 'watered down' on cruise ships are comparing them to. I think they pour themselves doubles at home and expect to get the same on a cruise. Every drink I've ever had on any cruise has been poured using the designated amounts of booze for the particular drink, and frankly a little bit more when the bartender knew me. If people want a double then they'll have to pay for it.

The Windjammer is smaller than those on the Freedom class, but as Sandy noted that is because there are so many other casual dining choices that Royal Caribbean planned the ship based on passengers not relying on the Windjammer as the sole buffet/casual spot. Go forward to the Solarium and you'll find another buffet area. Go to Central Park and you have the Park Cafe. Go to the Boardwalk and you have the hot dog stand. And of course you have the cafe and the pizza place on the Promenade.

I've been on both Oasis and Allure and the service was excellent. Everywhere.

Chicago is a great show! Want to know why some decided to pan it? Because unlike other cruise shows, the Broadway productions RCI does on Oasis and Allure are full length meaning it won't be done in 60 minutes like the usual revue song and dance acts. You'll be watching a show that lasts 90 minutes. People not used to this start fidgeting in their seats after an hour and some think they will be missing something outside the theater. The actors, staging, lighting, all of it, had to be approved personally by the original Broadway producers of the show. I met the performers last summer. They each had to interview with the Broadway people in order to get hired, plus they had to sign one-year contracts which is highly unusual for cruise ships.

I've been on a lot of cruises and I have to say our Allure cruise last summer was the best of them all. I remember thinking that I wished we had booked back-to-back cruises as the last day at sea wound down.

Stop over-analyzing your decision. You know, it is possible to read and study too much about a purchase. You and your new cruiser friends will be blown away by the Allure.
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