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Wink I agee,,,BUT,,feel some onboard credit for next
[QUOTE=peter l;292771]I feel perception by the general public and cruisers in particular depends on how professional the cruise line is at the time of the incident and what is done (if anything) to reimburse the passengers if it is a major imposition. A 1/2 day incident that puts no one at risk of harm is easily forgotten if the passengers are taken care of to the best ability of the crew at the time.


cruise,,or future discount would have encouraged many onboard SeaDream,,to consider this cruiseline again,,With nothing being done,,we,,and 3 other couples agreed,,would ""never go on SD again".Was just using this accident as example,,,realize 10 hrs. a "hassle" not life threatening...
Sorry I Missed that PBS specialQUOTE]

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