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I'm a "day before" type too. First you get to start the vacation early. But more importantly, I am an airline pilot and I can tell you too many times when flights are delayed. Here is just one example. We took off for Miami on Sunday about 11:00. Flaps wouldn't come up after takeoff so we had to return to Atlanta. We finally changed aircraft and instead of a 1:00 arrival, it was about 3:00. LOT's of stressed out cruise passengers. I live in Atlanta and generally drive to Florida cruises. We are only about 7 hrs. from Port Canaveral. Never the less we always go a day early. Gives "wiggle room" if there is a problem.
Here is another example. We flew from Orlando to JFK. On board we had a couple going to Athens, Greece. They only gave themselves 45 min. from landing in JFK to takeoff for Athens and they had to change terminals. Needless to say (and anyone who has flown to JFK will attest to) they didn't make it. They had to fly to Greece the next day and the cruise had already left. For the sake of a $150 hotel room they missed a good portion of their cruise, and if they didn't have insurance it probably cost them way more than $150 to catch up to the ship. Oh, and they ended up having to get a hotel room in New York anyway.
Allure is out of Ft. Lauderdale. There are lots of options for reasonable hotels there, and lots of great restaurants for the night before. Embassy Suites in Ft. Lauderdale sometimes offers good deals and a shuttle to the port. But there are lots of other options and if need be you can rent a car and drop it at the port (try Budget) and drive a bit away from the port to a cheaper hotel area.
We did Allure in Sep. it is FANTASTIC. DON'T miss a day! Go early, have fun in Ft. Lauderdale area, have a nice dinner before, relax in the morning and go have a GREAT time on Allure.

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