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Question Izumi
Originally Posted by papaflamingo View Post
We did 150 Central Park on Allure in Sep. It was my 60th birthday so we decided to treat ourselves. It was Fantastic. A 5 course tasting menu. We bought one bottle of wine, a nice one recommended by our waiter, for about $60. It was perfect for the 2 of us for the meal. They do have a wine pairing option which would be quite nice if you want to spend the extra and have a glass per course.
The chef was Molly Brandt and she was a contestant on Top Chef this last season. The courses are small but very delicious. The dinner takes at least 2 hours and is very nice and sophisticated. The waiter explains each course. My wife is allergic to seafood, and one course was seafood. They called our cabin the day of our reservation and confirmed it and asked about food allergies, etc. I explained her seafood allergy and the were able to substitute tofu for the fish. Not a fan of tofu, but she said it was actually quite delicious.
Bottom line, it was a great dinner. Very special. A wonderful way to celebrate something special. We will certainly do it again. I do disagree with Dave though, I don't think it is anywhere like Chops. Very gourmet, very elegant. Actually, they made me feel like a Rockefeller.
Oh, one other point. On our cruise the menu changed half way through the week. We chose the day we went as it only had one seafood dish, the other menu had two. You may want to see if one menu is more to your liking than the other if it changes on Oasis.
Thank you. I will try. Yesterday I make reservation for "Izumi" restorant for dinner.Did anybody try that place?
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