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Originally Posted by bmh View Post
QUOTE=Cruise Fanatic;292878]Price alone is not a reason to not recommend a place. Depending on time of year traveling, events and conventions in town, and how far you book in advance all could affect price. Please share if there are other reasons other than price why you didn't like this property.
Price was not a problem; have you even been there Cruise Fanatic;292878 you would have had to stay there to be a judge mental, you have no repeat no idea . Way to many problems, no elevators, very loud music until dawn in the adjoining bar and. cafe, lack of securityand bell boys, stay if you have to. Not for us!! Just saying.--- Do not want to start a war here. Our TA pulled the “hotel” off their list. Go ahead stay and see, we don't care.[/QUOTE]

No need to get testy. I am not the one being judgemental here. Go back and read your first reply above. You gave no reason other than price why you weren't recommending the hotel. I simply asked you to give us a reason other than price why you didn't recommend the property. Now you've given several reasons so I consider this issue closed. Thank You.
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