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Originally Posted by macmom111 View Post
Penny, like minds do think alike. I looked into the reposition cruise from tampa to barcalona, we were on board until I checked the prices to get me home. The air fare stops us every time. I would love to do on tho. I want to do panama too!
I've been thinking about the air fare thing. AA goes direct from Miami to San Juan. So I was thinking a round trip ticket to Maimi from Boston or Manchester and a 1 way Miami to San Juan. Anybody try something like this. It makes the only 1 way ticket Miami to San Juan. How reliable are these flights. Do I dare do an overnight in Miami and try to fly in to SJ the day of the cruise?

I did price SW Ft Lauderdale 1 way to Manchester. It could be worse, right now about $190 each. Still leaves me 1 way to SJ
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