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Default Shooping in the Caribbean - knock off's
My wife and I just returned from 25 days on the Massdam cruising around the East and Southern Caribbean. The cruise was fabulous even after having done several cruises before. We overheard so many comments on a few topics about shopping and ran into a shop on Granada and Curacao that everyone should be aware of and avoid. Here are the details of their address:

UNIT # 117A, 116B,
TEL/FAX 1 473 435 4336

TEL/ FAX 011 5999 4613438

Normally we wouldn't bother to visit shops selling designer knock offs, replica watches etc. but it was a slow day and we were walking into all the shops around the cruise terminal in Granada. The merchandise was above average for the products they were selling and the staff was promising the world if you would only buy from them. The staff were promising 100% warranty on all items and would exchange any item that was faulty for free. We saw people buying 5 & 6 watches at a time along with Prada, Coach etc handbags. The people buying there asked several questions with respect to the warranty and the story is always the same - 100% exchange and 'free'.

I want to raise this issue in the form because it seems that even though the buyers were asking about importing the items they were being lied to by the staff just so they could make a sale! People seemed to be unaware that importing replicas or knockoffs is against the law in the US and it will be confiscated by Customs. If you don't declare it and get caught the penalty can be even worse. The truth is that no store owner in Granada or Curacao can mail out a knock-off product from the islands to your home in the US, Canada or wherever you are and none of the Couriers will accept for delivery any product that is a knock-off. Based on the number of people buying it was clear they didn't know they would be breaking the law on return to the US. When it was quiet in the store I spoke to the sales people and told them they were being dishonest about the information given to the buyers and there was no way they could honor any warranty and the buyers would in all likelihood lose the items when they cleared customs at home. You can imagine how well that conversation went.

So if you have taken the time to read this PLEASE don't risk getting caught and don't believe it when you are told a knock-off product has a 100% warranty. I know itís fun to buy knock-offs but if a customs agent can't tell it from the real thing he/she can charge you tax based on the value of the real thing - and it won't matter what kind of bill you show the them.

I hate seeing people get ripped off
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