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Post Early May Transatlantic
Hello cruisers,

My Girlfriend and I are taking the Jewel of the seas from Miami to England, (getting off early in Cherbourg) leaving May 3. This is the beginning of an extended backpacking trip around Europe/Balkans/Eastern Europe. Anybody here ever disembark early in europe, crazy dealings with customs or immigration. I already have the early disembark papers from RCI.

You probably are not meteorologists, and i know that storms and bad weather are always a possibility, but what kind of average weather may we be likely to expect on a transatlantic voyage. What if any has been your personal experience on a TA cruise in the springtime... Mostly wondering about air temperatures. Bikini weather by the pool if its sunny? Any of you have links to good Atlantic basin weather websites? ie, storms, temps, etc.

We are getting ready to leave the Rocky Mountains after working at a ski resort so most likely it will be warm to us depending on the ocean breeze.

Any other pertinent advice about the Jewel or TA cruises would be greatly appreciated. I've been on 7 cruises out of florida... bahamas, mexico, carribean. This is her first. We have a midship room with a window for the horizon.

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