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janfred, congratulations on your decision to give Princess a try. I haven't been on Ruby Princess yet--although I am taking an Eastern Caribbean cruise on her this November--but one of my favorite things about Princess is the continuity and uniformity of service, cuisine, entertainment, activities, etc. from ship to ship; so I feel very confident in telling you you will have a great cruise.

Just a couple of random thoughts: we love Sabatini's; it is a complete change of pace and menu from the main dining rooms--well worth it. Crown Grill was very good, but not that much better than the main dining rooms to warrant the extra fee, IMHO :-)

If you want the dining experience of a lifetime try to book the Chef's Table. I hear it's up to $90.00 now but worth every penny--that is if you think a dinner specially prepared and served to twelve people by the Executive Chef and his staff, including a personally guided tour of the galley, with hors d'oeurves and French champagne, and wines with every course selected and served by the sommelier, plus an autographed copy of the Princess cookbook and a photo of the whole group presented before the evening is over--is worth $90.00.

I hear The Sanctuary is very nice if you want to be pampered in a soothing atmosphere. Personally, I prefer the Terrace Pool, all the way aft: it is quiet, the Outrigger Bar is right there, and the Horizon Court is just steps away.

But whatever your preferences, I'm sure you will find Ruby Princess very pleasurable and the staff very accommodating.

Since you will be cruising aboard Ruby before I will, I look forward to your thoughts and comments on you return.


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