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Question Cruise Newbies
My Fiance and I are getting married September 1st of this year, and We've been having a hard time deciding what to do for our honeymoon. After a few silly suggestions from family members, we decided that a cruise best fit our needs. After Looking around online for many days, we narrowed it down to the one we want to take.

The Norwegian Sky. 4 Night Cruise to the Bahamas.

We liked the fact that Norwegian has its own little island, the Great Sturrip Cay, and that it is "freestyle" dining. Being stuck at a table with people we dont know, wasnt really the ideal situation for our honeymoon.

The point in this was to ask, Has anyone taken this particular cruise? Any suggestions on what to do? What not to miss? Really ANY advice from packing, to extra money, to shore excursions would REALLY help. We're kind of a shy couple, and this will be our first adventure out of our comfort zone as a married couple.

Thanks in advance!
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