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Originally Posted by Candice R View Post

Thanks..I knew I would get a quick response from you. People were stating that it isn't fair with the special perks,(Junior Suite) and one question seemed to always come up regarding the Junior Suite...Why isn't it included?? It has suite in the name??

Not really sure if we would actually make reservations for shows..IF they had the same exact shows as our last cruise we would only make 1 reservation..A comedy show with 2 men..ONLY show we saw that we would actually pay extra money to see.

Thanks again
Don't give the cruise lines any ideas of charging for entertainment. LOL, Like it's not already crossed their minds. I always cringed when the reservation restaurants first came out and people would say "Well worth the extra money" or "I'd gladly pay" Well, look where we are today. Norwegian Cruise Lines charges for more than half their restaurants, and Royal Caribbean is right behind them on the new Oasis and Allure. What used to be a "Nominal surcharge" of $5-$10 to cover the gratuities has turned into an average of $30-$35 and some are now saying gratuity not included.

I don't have a crystal ball to see what cruising will be like 10-20 years down the road. But I fear it is going to be something I may not be happy with. At least not on the mass market cruise lines.
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