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Originally Posted by PC GUY View Post
It looks like they are doing some major structural modifications to the ship - a mid life refit.

They are going to add the extra quarter deck that the Triumph and Victory have. The aft lounge is gone, and replaced with balcony cabins. The main lounge will only be 2 decks instead of the current 3. The main floor where the stage is will be moved up one deck, and the old main floor will now have cabins in its place.

I am very interested in one of the 9 day European Cruises.

Names notwithstanding, is it not considered bad luck to rename a ship? I have heard of a few cases where ships were renamed, and then had something unlucky happen.
My daughter said rumers had been flying that the main lounge was to be removed completely. I'm glad to see not completely. But with the aft lounge gone and the main lounge smaller this must be signaling the end of the big production shows that I like so much. Too bad. If it is sailing out of New Orleans Carnival had a great show "Big Easy" that can probably not be done without major reduction in the WOW factor.
I will probably not sail on the Sunshine
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