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Spiritfilled, just to weigh in. Dave is right, you are overanalyzing the cruise. You should have NO reason to go into the Windjammer. There are SO many good places to eat, the windjammer is simply just the buffet. If that's what you want great, but for a light breakfast the Park Cafe has a great selection of bagels, breakfast sandwiches, cereals, etc. Johnny Rockets has complete breakfasts (free), etc. We have done 14 RCL cruises. Did Oasis in 2010 and Allure last Sep. Both were FANTASTIC! Allure had GREAT service at all levels. Never felt crowded on the ship. As for shore stops, the Caribbean is crowded anyway. If your cruise goes to Labadee, you'll LOVE it.
When we first started cruising I read all the reviews. The negative all turned out to be generally isolated incidents or simply ridiculous. I read a review years ago where a family hated Enchantment because their 16 year old could find nothing she liked to eat except Hot Dogs. We went on Enchantment and it was, to this day, one of our best cruises.
Cruising is what you make of it. As Dave said, if you pay for beer expect beer. Really, chill, enjoy, have fun. Trust me, you'll LOVE it!
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