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Default Tief?
Hi. I have a quick question. In train schedules for Deutschland, what does "tief" mean??!! I know it means low (thanks to google translate for that), but does it mean low platform (commuter or subway platform?), low price, low travel time, or what? I keep seeing it in reference to the Berlin Hbf.

OK, since I'm asking: I am considering traveling to Berlin from Warnemunde in August. I found a great thread about W. to Rostock, and a thread about W. to Berlin on another site, both of which were very helpful. I was wondering if there's still such a thing as a "Happy Weekend Ticket" that would help me cut the cost. We are traveling on Sunday, two people, so I think this is a good deal. However, the thread was old and I wasn't sure if it would still be in effect - especially this summer


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