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Default Song Of The Sea
One of my favorites with a new verse added.

Song Of The Sea

I long to be out on the sea once again
Caressed by the wind and the waves.
To stroll on the moving deck one more time,
It's the place that my wishing heart craves.

To stare at the millions of stars in the sky
And to feel the faint touch of salt spray,
Be it small ship or large ship, to stand at the bow
As the sun breaks from dawn into day.

To look at the flying fish by the ship's side
Or the dolphins that leap wild and free,
And cherish the wish to see just one whale.
These are the delights of the sea.

The songs of the sailors still ring in my ears.
The echos of ships from the past,
And I realize that I must follow my dream
To be out on the ocean at last.

And I feel for the people who stay on the land
And who never have cruised on the deep,
For sailing the sea is enshrined in our souls
And gives us sweet dreams in our sleep.
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