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We have sailed out of Harwich that time of year which is pretty close It started out cool 50-60 range but by day 3 was quite nice. You will love the Azores We became hooked on TA's after the first one. What we like to do is book both directions because that you can buy round trip air. Air is available 330 days out so we normally get air 2-3 months prior to first leg and return air is availble at that time. Most TA's take place during off peak season for air, Oct or April so it is reasonable. Only on a TA can you 14 or 16 nights for 449! You will also have I believe 5 25 hr days on your direction.You are lucky that all of the Olympic surcharges should be over by then as I believe hotels in London will be charging a premium all summer. Safe Travels...Casey
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