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Congrats on making Diamond. Free Happy Hour.... Woohoo!!! We did Voyager in Feb. Loved it also. Did a Grand Suite for the first time. With the Diamond discount (a huge...HUGE per), it was too good a deal to pass up. Went with 2 other couples. They did Junior Suites. We forced ourselves to "slum" with them though Nice GS feature is FULL menu for room service. We decided to do our last breakfast with our friends in our cabin. Eggs Benedict, Omelets, you name it. And they were "Johnny on the Spot" every time. GREAT Service. Our friends "dressed" for the breakfast in our room. They surprised us with the guys in bathrobes like Hugh Hefner, and the wives in French Maid outfits. Needless to say, my wife and I were thrilled, and the room service waiter and the room steward were..... how shall I put this.... "impressed?"
Our biggest "con" was at boarding. The ship had a norovirus outbreak the week before so they delayed boarding and asked that no one show until 1:00 for cleaning. The line was ridiculously long. I went and found an RCL rep and asked about Suite guests and Diamond boarding priority. He walked us all to the front of the line. Very, VERY nice of him.
As you, I loved Voyager. Am doing Vision Trans Atlantic in Sept. and decided to do the GS again. Can't wait. Give the GS a try. It'll be worth it.
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