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Default Voyager
Dave, I think the mix-up in Windjammer came about because of the way they have set up getting a plate and silverware for the Port side. You no sooner get into the area, and the table holding the plates and silverware/napkins was right there on the right as you walk in. Since it was on that side, it APPEARED to even us that there was only the one side operating. Since there is no "oriential" area on the left side (I'll be da__ed if I can remember what the area was called), the food (breakfast, for example) was set up the same on both sides. There was a fresh fruit and cereal set-up area in front by the entrance (like the area where there was a bar on Mariner), as the "bar" on Voyager was positioned in the aft area of Windjammer, almost by the last step down to the tables by the windows. I had forgotten; we really liked the chairs and table settings. The chairs were wicker, some brown, some white, with nice padding. A VERY clean look; not that other ships were not clean, if you know what I mean. Food was very good ( their french fries are amazing!!) as were their hamburgers. Also, Portifinos was on the starboard side of the ship, with an entrance off the Windjammer, AND in the hallway next to the sliding doors to the pool deck As I said before, there is no Chopps on Voyager. As I recall from the one time we had a gold colored sea pass card, people were able to eat their food in the Portifino area if they wanted. I think Voyager is a fine ship, with a fantastic crew of every section, but I think I still will rate our ship preferences as Mariner #1, and Radience #2. I hope to do two weeks on Jewel OTS next year. We'll just have to see; and we will be trying a GS this time, since I have almost 1 1/2 years to pay for the cruise. Balcony cabins are nice, but a JS is better (more leg room for we "full figured guys) plus a tub and shower as just a shower stall area in a balcony.
We DID have a laugh during "muster drill". Our area for it was in the dining room, 4th floor, and we all wondered how we were going to get the life boat in there.
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