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I often wonder why RCI clings to the 'old' method, and also why even after pre-paying gratuities with the booking or adding them to my account during the cruise requires me to still stuff envelopes with those vouchers and hand them out. Does this mean the tips I pre-paid won't be allocated if I fail to hand the envelopes out? That the cabin attendent has to submit the voucher in order to get the money? Of course not. I think the idea is that many will feel guilty about handing out slips of paper and will want to put some cash in the envelope too. It is just a confused mess.

I much prefer the service charges being automatically charged, and if I feel someone has gone above and beyond I can tip them in cash for a little bonus. Actually, just stopping the service fees altogether and making it part of the cruise price is what everyone needs to do and just stop the silliness. This would have the added benefit of stopping those who like to make up some phony excuse of poor service just to remove the auto-tips on the last day of the cruise - after they have used and likely abused the poor staff all week.
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