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Default Minor fire aboard Allure Of The Seas
News reports are saying a small fire occurred aboard Allure Of The Seas last night as the ship was returning to Port Everglades. The fire was confined to a one of the engine rooms and was quickly extinguished by the automatic fire suppression system, which deluged the space with a water mist (fog).

No impacts to the cruise or passengers occurred and the ship continued on it's course home without further problem.

These things happen a lot more than one may realize, but given the current media spotlight on the cruise industry they are reporting anything and everything and when possible making it sound like a huge accident. In this case I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a loose fuel fitting that sprayed a little fuel oil that ignited, or more likely an electrical short.

So - don't worry if you have an upcoming Allure cruise. It won't be cancelled.
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