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Default Had a fantastic time! Went to Playa Palancar
I thought I would follow up for those seeking similar information in the future. We had a FANTASTIC time! As soon as we got off the ship, we went to one of the many car rental places to get a car. It was PACKED with people and we got one of the only cars left. There were many vans available for larger parties, but we only needed a car for 4. At any rate, the lines were very long and the stress was high as people went from place to place to get a better price. Ultimately, we got it for I think a little over $100. Well worth it for 4 people. We drove south and went to Playa Palancar. This is a wonderfully quaint place, NOT packed with people, although there were enough to make it festive. It had a restaurant with outdoor tables right on the beach and in front of your table were lounge chairs on the water. They had excellent food. There were even some shops and a little dive shop that would take you out to the reef to snorkel for $30 although, there were people snorkeling right off of the beach. It was a perfect, relaxing day, drinknig coronas, eating good food, soaking up the sun without the hoards of cruise passengers. We then took a drive around the entire island to see just how beautiful it is. I would go back to Cozumel again and again. This was our second time at Palancar and we will return next time as well.

Grand Cayman - again, we rented a car and drove all the way out to Rum point. We had a VERY difficult time renting a car. We walked quite a distance to the left off of the ship and there were supposed to be two car rental places there. The first we went to, wanted to charge us $250 for the day and we said no thank you, the second we went to said no to us after they asked us if we were Cruise passengers. I then looked in the guidebook for rental cars and we found an Avis rental car company inside the Marriott hotel. We walked right in and rented a car from the desk and they were so nice! The price was only $130 compared to the other company. We drove out to Rum Point and I'm so glad we did! It was a bit harrowing as they drive on the left side of the road there, and the signage is not so great, so we got turned around a few times. But that is all part of the adventure! Rum Point is a little village of restaurants and shops on the beach. There was a significant amount of people there, but not overwhelming, some were from cruise ships, but most were locals. You are supposed to eat at the restaurant and pay to sit in the chairs, but we walked a little to the right of the pier and found a nice sandy spot between the rocks and under the trees....completely secluded! There was also snorkeling right from the beach here, but it was not very good. I did see a barracuda underneath the pier.

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