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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Mine for the Enchantment still says 6pm and I've heard others say they ate at 5:30 too, but then it wasn't the same itinerary as we'll be on.

Isn't the story for the Freedom that the move backwards by 30 minutes is because of show preparations or something like that? I'm trying to understand how my dinner time can impact the stage crew and performers, and I just don't see it. But then I am not the stage manager.

Of course, in the big scheme it is just 30 minutes and most seem to gather outside the dining room 10 minutes or so before dinner. I'd show up exactly at 5:30 and then figure I only lost 20 minutes of free time.
I looked back at my compasses from Nov/Dec and Jan and the show times are still the same. 7pm and 9pm or 9pm and 10:45pm. Plenty of time to eat at 6pm and make a 9pm show.

The crew was having a difficult time in December when they were trying to enforce the show reservations. One show would be standing room only and the other show would be nearly empty. Maybe they are trying to provide a little extra time so people can go to the early seating and early show?

I know the RCCL Entertainers swapped out a few weeks ago so maybe the change came with the new group or maybe it has to due with people showing up late to dinner this time of year. Iíll find out from some of the staff that I know on the Freedom and report back.

Iíll be happy just to be onboard!
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