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Cool Repositioning on Jewel OTS
My wife and I (MAINLY I) want to take this cruise from Boston to Tampa for 14 days in October, 2013, and book a GS for the first time. Attempting to think and plan ahead, I'd like to book this as FAR in advance as possible so as to give my credit card time to cool off and stop smoking before we depart. I've called the "vacation planner" for RCL several times over the past two months, even talking to the lady on Voyager in March to see when the cruise could be listed as available, and they all say "should be out by the end of the month at the latest"; not happened yet. Does anyone have any ideas or heard anything on when this MAY be posted as available? I have a "next cruise booking number" burning a hole in my wallet waiting to be used for this sailing; we LOVED Radience last year, and are looking forward to Jewel next year. Anyone?

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