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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Nobody could forget a forum name like that!

As you can see from my signature line I have 3 upcoming cruises, although the Princess cruise this fall is likely in jeopardy.

Daughters, weddings, June...does it get any better for a mom? But I suspect there are lots of issues and some nail biting going on. There always are. My best wishes to you and you daughter (and the groom)!
Hi Dave, thank you for your kind words. How are your wife and son? I know, I saw you have many cruises coming up too. That's so wonderful!

Actually, with our custom, my husband and I don't have to pay for the wedding. Usually the groom parents have to pay for the wedding. But in this case my daughter and her husband, want to pay for everything. They both saved their money to pay for the wedding, and spent all their sanity too. Both sides parents and relatives will give them some money to help them prepare for their new life.

You are so right, there is always some issues when it working to agree about certain things for a wedding. Like picking a restaurant, which date is work out for both side, what time is perfect for ceremony on both sides. The list is go on and on. It is funny that both family came from the same country, but we have so many different customs. But everything's worked out now. So no more nail biting going on, hehe. Just a little bit of headache back then. But still maybe no cruise for us this year.
Thanks again Dave, I will tell them that some good friends from this forum gave them best wishes.
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