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Originally Posted by Karen 69er View Post
Thank you for the info. I have looked around and there is a couple of rental car company where I can pick up the car at the airport and drop it off near the port. There is also hotel that offers a shuttle from the airport to the port.
Hi Karen I did that last year. I flew into MCO with a party of 6 the evening before the cruise. I rented a Mini Van at the airport. We stayed at a Days Inn that was actually a few miles in the opposite direction from the port. It was close to the airport, and we had a late evening arrival and I didn't want to drive too far after a long day. Plus the room was booked using my father-in-law's Wyndham reward points.

The next morning, we left the hotel around 11:00 am and drove to the port. It is a toll road, and I forgot the exact amount I had to pay- there were 3 stops in total, so it was around $3.00. We went to the cruise terminal first and dropped our luggage, then returned the rental car, and took the rental shuttle back to the ship. You may have to pay a drop charge if you drop the vehicle at a different location. But in our case the total cost was less than 5 transfers ( 4 adults, one child, one infant) – so that is another thing to consider.

I went back to Orlando a month ago to go to Disney World, so the toll roads still have cash lanes. Apparently, Florida will eventually make the switch to electronic tolls only - like the Miami area already has. Make sure you have lots of quarters. There is a manned teller booth and an automated "exact fare lane" in addition to the transponder lanes. Note to self, I wish the automated lane would take $1.00 coins - if I have to pay $1.00, throwing Susan B, Sacagawea or a President is a lot easier than 4 quarters one by one.

This was my first platinum cruise so we were able to use the VIP check in. The funny thing was one of my wife's friends and her family were there in the terminal but didn't see us. They had originally booked on the Carnival Splendor but had to find another cruise when it was out of service after the fire.
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