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Originally Posted by wooddon View Post
We would love to sail on this new ship, but can't. Its only a 7 day cruise and it goes the same route ports and route everytime. We will not sail on a cruise under 10 days anymore as 7 days s not long enough. We have done back to back, but there is no point for this as its the same 3 ports. I have written to Princess about this. They say the majority of people only want 7 days.
Even worse is dedicating the Ruby to do 4 & 5 day trips over & over. It appears that they're more interested in getting the newbies started cruising than catering to the old timers that look for longer voyages. I can't possibly understand anyone paying transportation costs to the ship for just a 4 day trip. Even when we first started cruising I would never have though of just 4 days. It doesn't fit any vacation schedule.
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