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Thumbs up Congrats,,too ,and first do research on ea port
and also ship excursions avail in ea...can google and see what s available and what interests YOU.
Port s like Seattle,etc..US. ones can easily be done on own or use HOHO bus,,,

Alaska ports,,figure WHAT appeals,,glacier hike, heliocopter tour,kayak,,etc...can check prices, look for tours also in guidebooks.Never pay in advance for private tour,,check references,and REMEMBER,,,no matter WHAT,,when on own,,,ship WILL SAIL on time.WITH or WITHOUT you..

Ship tours seem to cost a little more,,but no hassle,and sometimes WORTH the money for convenience and safety in some ports.For first cruise,and HONEYMOON...may feel more comfortable with that option,,but do check out alternatives...GOOD LUCK>>
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