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We bring cases of water on board and have never had a problem. I will say we are 60 years old, and in Dec. a young couple had there water confiscated and had to argue a bit at the pursers desk to get it back (guess they don't worry about us ''oldies" sneaking on alcohol). They do inspect it to be sure it isn't really alcohol. My wife needs Smart water for the electrolytes, so she carries a Dr. prescription. But she has never been asked for it. A case of water is only $3 to $4 so if you need bottled water simply put a case in a suitcase and take it on. Even if they confiscate it, it's only a couple bucks and you get it back (if you want it) at the end of the cruise. But as Dave pointed out, ships water is quite pure. You can also buy bottles in port and bring them on.
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