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They have usually announced the December Diamond Celebration in August I think, and I am really hoping they continue it. For Junior Suites and higher it hasn't been a double/double, but rather triple points. And for regular cabins the double points.

I've been sitting here running scenarios this afternoon. If I did back-to-back 5 night cruises on the Liberty in December, in a JS, I'd get 30 points. Again, assuming RCI has the special points promotion. This would run around $3500 total. Then when we do the Rock Legends cruise in January, we'd get those 4 points and that would give us 176. Diamond Plus starts at 175.

To me the biggest perk of D+ is having Concierge Lounge access, so we could then stop having to book high end suites for this perk and thus save money on future bookings and eventually recoup the $3500 spent this coming December. Depending on the cruise that could be recovered on just one sailing, especially if it were the Oasis or Allure.

Now insert a any time RCI could decide 'there are too many D+ members packing the Concierge Lounge' and decide that the Concierge Lounge is only for those in GS or higher, and Pinnacle Club members. After all, Diamond members used to have access and we were given the heave-ho a couple of years ago.

I need to discuss this with Vanessa though. I still would like to go for it and get it over with. I know. I'm pathetic. But it is like a challenge to me now. No doubt RCI used psychologists when they laid out the new Crown & Anchor plan.
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