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--I totally agree. I did a short cruise to no where here in Norfolk just to see what Carnival is all about and I will say the food, crew and entertainment was wonderful. Maybe a little more of a younger crowd but I also think that if it were in Europe it would have been a totally different experience and crowd. I did have a great time but tend to like a more traditional, quiet and elegant cruise but that is my taste and we have so many choices for everyone really. I would love to try Seaborn but for me I think I could do 2 cruises to 1 on Seaborn if you know what I mean. Seaborn looks so wonderful! They do an excellent job of differentiating the cruise lines as Lisa states, most people don't even know who owns who :OD Don't you all just love to Cruise and all the fantastic choices ! YEAH...
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Cruise Countdown Tickers

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