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Default First cruise on Carnival Line
My husband and I just got back from cruise to E. Carib. on the Glory. This was our second cruise. In my opinion the Glory should be gutted and redesigned. Elevators were a nightmare.

We enjoyed our ports of call and totally fell in love with San Juan. What a beautiful place!

Majority of the crew were friendly and very helpful. My husband and I had to use a scooter and wheelchair because of back and hip problems. We were helped by the staff in the Red Sails restaurant to get our food and drinks and to get to a table. The food was excellent.

In the diningroom, we were treated like royalty. Again the food was excellent if you kept away from the beef dishes. We loved our wait staff and enjoyed the evening entertainment by the waiters.

Our cabin steward was a gem and took very good care of us.

Most of the passengers were friendly and helpful although we did have a problem with unsupervised 13-15 yr. olds creating havoc around the ship at all times of the day and night. Had to complain several times to management.

A word to parents: I know you need a vacation and want your children to have fun but letting them loose and not keeping up with what they are doing causes others on their vacation not to have a good time. Please keep track of your children and know where they are and who they are with. They should have an evening curfew and be in their cabins when others are in bed for the night. The children on our cruise were running down the hallways making a racket in the wee hours of the night. Our friends were disturbed by loud knocking on their door at least twice and when they opened their door found ice thrown in front of the door thinking it would be funny to see them step out and slip on it. NOT FUNNY. Another time, my husband was trying to get an elevator only to find this rowdy bunch laying all over the elevator floor riding up and down. A crew member had to chase them off the elevator so people could use it. If your children don't know how to behave, leave them home.
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