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Default Carnival Breeze - FunShip Says It All
Carnival Breeze - FunShip Says It All

The new Carnival ship is made for real interactivity for kids of all ages - and not only in the virtual sense.


The SportsZone has a Rope Course, water slides, SplashZone, games, Mini-golf and more

Master cruise director and "Ambassador of Fun" at Carnival, John Heald, starts his introductory video to Carnival Breeze by saying... "It's absolutely the right name for her. Really incomparable, we've never done anything like this."

Okay - it seems like the "perfect" name for a description like that would be the "Carnival Prototype or Nonpareil," but the point is not lost on me that Carnival Breeze is a true departure from anything Carnival has done in decades - from interior décor to food and entertainment offerings.

To get a better idea of what's in store for the people going to Europe to sail on Breeze this summer I just viewed a number of videos and pictures online and I was struck by a recurring theme about the new ship: real life interactivity.

That's right. I mean people getting together physically for interactivity - not that over-used modern definition of "interactive" as in "social media."
No, the interactive ethos on Carnival Breeze appears to good, old-fashioned human interaction with nothing "virtual" about it. It's real-life fun; the kind you had back when your parents would say "go outside and play with your friends."

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