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Sandylynn....Sounds like Your Cruise aboard the Freedom was not Your best cruise exoerience. When a cruiseship gets a virus aboard all things can go awry...If passengers get a bug chances are many of the crew and staff are going to be ill also......the results can be crippling to any and all of the ships normal functions...if enough people are becomes a "hell" ship and nothing seems to go right. I suggest You contact Carnival Customer Relations Directly to work out Your differences to see if something can be amicably worked out....If a 1000 people were incapcitated I am sure some sort of accomodation can be reached!!!
As far as the cost of the wine.....unless You specifically stated You wanted the "House" wine it is likely You will be served the higher priced beverage......remember to always specify "House" wine...any time You dine out or ship out!!!

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