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Red face Southwest
Spiritfilled, we also live in Illinois, 10 miles South of the border with Wisc., and used to regularly fly out of Milwaukee. Totally agree that it is a great easy airport. Southwest recently bought out Airtran airlines, which we used to fly all the time. However, Southwest's prices and lack of baggage fees have not yet crossed over to Airtran, which still holds onto it's name. We now drive to Midway airport to take our Southwest flights. There are way more flights from and to Midway (MDW) on Southwest. Time wise, it takes us about 1 1/2 hours to get there, but I think that the lower costs, and free bag, make up for the time. However, and this is a BIG however, Midway parking is WAY OVER PRICED, compared to Milwaukee's rates. You can park in the outter lots for less, but the neighborhood down there is not the best. Any time I see fences around gas stations, and bullet-proof glass inside the station where the clerk stands, well, I pay a friend to drive us there and pick us up. Great air line, comfortable seats, lots of leg room, almost all 737's, no assigned seating, etc. Book as FAR in advance as possible for better prices too. I've also heard that there are certain days of the week where prices can be lowered (Tuesday comes to mind). Good Luck!

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