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Originally Posted by wooddon View Post
You guys in the US are lucky. The cost of plane tickets in Canada to go anywhere is triple what you are paying.
I don't think you can really make a blanket statement like that. I just tried a couple comparisons of Toronto to Florida cities and Nashville to those same cities. It wasn't a huge difference. Air prices are too fickle. They can change numerous times in one day, even within one hour. There is no ryhme or reason to air prices. The airline, city pair, how far in advance purchasing, the dates traveling, how many seats are already sold on a plane, all affect the price. Even how many different airlines flying out of a particular city affects the price, and how much market share of the flights a particular airline has over the other airlines affects the price. For instance; in Nashville, Southwest airlines owns about 50% of the flights flying out of here. We also have Delta, United, US Airways, Frontier, and AA. Since Southwest owns more share than any of the other airlines they don't compete with as good of prices as in other markets where they aren't the dominator. Everyone always talks about how cheap Southwest prices are. Not so here. Maybe where they have to compete more where they aren't controlling the market, but it's not true here.

I think a person has to just get comfortable on what price they are willing to pay.
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