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Just finish my cruise, overall, I love it very much.
Cozumel - we joined the dolphin swim through carnival. This was my first time to try dolphin swim, but I think it was a bit disappointing. We were not swimming with dolphins, but with a dolphin. We just stood in the pool and did the belly ride/kiss one by one. And I am not sure if I should call swimming at all, the trainer just asked us (bunch of people) to float in the pool and ordered the dolphin to swim back and forth in front of us, so we could touch it. I don't think we had been floating there for 30 minutes. I originally thought we had 30 minutes time to stay in the pool and play/swim with dolphins freely.
We were not allowed to take pictures anytime, and buying 8 pictures cost us $99 (and it was discounted already)...well I am not sure if all other dolphin swim are like this, but I won't be joining again if we are just touching the dolphins....
Afterwards we went to paradise beach, but again, a bad experience. We paid $2 for the entrance fee and then an hour later the server came and said we had to spend $10 each for food/drinks. I don't mind spending, but should they have told me before I enter the beach right? I felt like being robbed.
Because of these, I don't recommend the paradise beach, there are bunches of beaches anyway, just pick somewhere else.

Belize - I enjoyed here the most among 4 ports! It was awesome!
We booked the shark ray alley snorkeling and caye caulker tour through coral Breeze tours. The tour guy were very nice and showed you throughout the snorkeling and we could swim with the nurse shark and rays. Afterwards we could stay a little while in caye caulker where we could really see the local people/buildings there, something we could hardly see near our ports. I highly recommend this one.

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