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Hi Spiritfilled. I don't understand the poor reviews because we have had nothing but
good luck with AirTran. My husband reads a lot of consumer information articles and AirTran has always rated among the best in on-time performance; delivery of luggage; etc.

Our experience has been that, on the average, we arrive at our destinations earlier than expected. We have used AirTran for years and have never had a piece of lost luggage. And, as a rule, the employees are super-nice and helpful. There are always going to be imperfect flights and people are going to be all-over-the place with complaints. But, we just haven't experienced that!

If they still served Bloomington or Moline, you can bet we would be flying AirTran! (Sound like a commercial, don't I?! But, I just wanted to give you the benefit of our experiences over the years.)

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