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Talking Airtran
We have flown Airtran many times in the past. It is now owned by Southwest; however, they still retain their name, rates, and baggage fees that vary from Airport to Airport ($20 to $25 per bag). Their planes from MKE are usually smaller, and the seats are also smaller than anything I've ever seen on a Southwest aircraft. Southwest uses almost only 737's, seating is not assigned, but their is a small fee for early checkin which gets you on the plane quicker. Airtran started cutting back their number of flights, and times of flights, a few months ago, which made it harder to justify, for ME, using their airline. IF I can, I NOW leave a day early on Southwest out of MKE; if I can't leave early, then I go to Midway. I'm afraid Southwest has spolied me. FYI; ANY airline. When the flight attendant comes down the isle and asks if you'd like something to drink, If you want soda, ASK FOR A CAN of it. They HAVE to give you the whole can, at NO EXTRA COST. (Daughter used to be a flight attendant-inside knowledge)

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