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Talking Voyager
Kazzablanka, another thing you'll notice on board is that RCL has pulled many Asian crew from other ships to staff Voyager. We had a Chinese waiter (Ning) and a Chinese cabin attendant (Li), and both people were MORE than helpful and friendly. The ship should be getting close to a refit date, as some parts are starting to show some age; NOT critical, but we have sailed on newer ships in the fleet, and my wife and I both noticed a few things. If you have been on a newer ship, you'll notice them also. Don't get me wrong, the ship is wonderful, as is the crew, food, and service. I posted a review back in the early part of April this year if you want to read more. Hope you have a great time, on a nice ship, and report back to us when you're done! You'll want to go again, and that's a guarentee!!

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