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Default St. Martin Attraction That Yoda Guy
St. Martin Attraction That Yoda Guy
by Paul Motter

Explore a surprising exhibit where Hollywood meets the Caribbean in St. Martin.

Nick Maley, "That Yoda Guy"Front Street in Saint Martin is visited by thousands, possibly millions of cruise visitors each year. The street has shopping for rum, electronics, jewelry, linens and all kinds of kitschy souvenirs from the Caribbean.
But the last time I was there I ran into a shop I never expected, a small museum created by Nick Maley, a former Hollywood-based special effects master who worked on dozens of successful science fiction movies. He calls himself "The Yoda Guy," because he not only envisioned the look of Yoda, the Jedi Master from Star Wars, but he also made the working models used in the movies.

Nick specialized in working puppets and other practical pieces you see in Hollywood movies, but I don't mean puppets as in the sense of the Muppets. I mean the kind of physical items that appear to be real flesh on camera, and that come to life because of the intricate methods he creates to manipulate them.

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