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Default Ideas for short call in Victoria, BC?
I know this isn't in Alaska, but I've put this question into this forum as it's often a port of call on Alaska cruises.

Our upcoming cruise on Westerdam makes a brief call on Victoria, and at an awkward time. We arrive at 6:00 pm and depart at midnight on the final night of a seven-night cruise, which is a Friday. I expect to be fully packed by then, and we have the flexible dining time option. This will be our first time there, and I'd like to get some thoughts on our plans.

I found a self-guided walking tour of the old town and Chinatown. It starts and ends at the Fairmont Empress and includes Trouce Alley, Bastion Square, Market Square, Fan Tan Alley, and Silk Road Tea (have to have my tea!). It's estimated at 2 hours. I'm wondering if the shops will be open late given that there will be a large ship in port. I know we also have to factor in the timing for the shuttle to and from the ship, and we will plan to leave the ship at least a half hour after the first shuttle to let the lines dissipate.

Walking is not a problem for us. We live in a city and walk just about everywhere, including up and down steep hills. We enjoy history and architecture and are not really into nightlife. (Our teenaged son will be with us.)

Thank you for any perspective!
Happy cruising!
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