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Default I thought the Rock and Roll cruise was next January!
Day 1 on Enchantment and it was 'rock and roll' night and morning. As soon as we hit the Atlantic the seas were noticeable and as I type this they have 'calmed down' to just 10 feet with occasional larger swells. Earlier this morning and overnight it was probably 15 foot seas coming at us as quartering swells. High winds too. So far I haven't come across any 'accidents' on the decks.

Had a good dinner last night. The dining room was very confused and lines at each door were still there 15 minutes after they opened the doors for main seating. Not sure what the problem was but there was a line to see the dining room manager, one for my time dining, and then two lines for people who just wanted to be seated. Despite this, our great wait staff got us in and out in 70 minutes which suited us since we don't like to linger over dinner. At a table for 4 so it is just us.

Not much entertainment last night. The usual welcome aboard show and lounge music. Saw the NBA final game at Bolero's.

Hopefully the seas will improve and we'll have a calmer afternoon and evening. First formal night is tonight.

Concierge Reyno is an engaging man and so is the Captain - "Anders". He goes by his first name.

More later. Internet is not the best right now.
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