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I just remembered the Bob Newhart/Johnny Carson captain is named Rob.

Rough seas were again with us most of last night although not as bad as the first night.

Had a pleasant formal night dinner. Roast duck was well prepared. Here is an annoyance though - they put tent cards on the tables touting the fresh Maine lobster (whole lobster) for $24.95. The price isn't really that bad I guess but the card also said a 15% gratuity would be added. Really? A gratuity for ordering a lobster? Is the bar waiter involved somehow?

Smooth seas right now as we approach Bermuda, which is off our starboard quarter.

Plans for today are to wander around King's Wharf. It is overcast with a 50% chance of showers.

Oh, and last night my iPad demagnetized my cruise card and I couldn't get in the cabin.
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